Sunday, 14 August 2011


Originally, I had written this poem to participate in a poem writing competition but eventually, I realised sooner or later, I had to write this one. Hope you people will like it too, and don’t forget to leave your feedback. They really help me.


The aura of divine eternity
Pinnacles to grace
And fraternity
When your voice falls
Breaking my numbness
Nothing then seems
Out of bounds
Nor difficult
When you say it
With such a kindness

All the entanglements
Which complexes my existence
Vanishes in a moment
When you sooth it
With so much persistence
What God can't
You always did
Yet I never wondered
It seemed so natural
And pure indeed

When it needed rough
You were there
To erase the scruff
When it needed soft
You somehow
Knew it all
What they say
Of that mystique light
I found all those
In your love and might

There were times
When I was aggravated
Finding it hard
To properly get adjusted
Then I remember the times
When I realized
With an utter shock
What life would had been
If you would not had been there
To protect me from
The world of thorns and mock

I don’t know much
As no one can even say
About God as such
But I longed to yearn
Which I got in plenty
Your love and concern
Besides your blessing and lessons

No doubt I rise
That whatever I am today
Only because you were
There above all the despise
This life is too short
To pay your debt
But I proud myself
With a treasure
Which I always kept
Never in discomfort or pressure

O Mother, I owe you
Not only my life
But also my existence
Not just this earthly body
But also my soul
O Mother, I owe you
And find peace in this very thought
That I owe you 
And am in debt of you……………