Sunday, 20 June 2010


Stuffs have happened in my life which forced me to suspect dear God's immortality.......

Mortal God

I cried on my knees,
I begged to release,
Tried my hard to be the best,
Who can make you please.

But now it seems another way
You too are touched by the mortal ray
Your immortality is evaporated I say
So why the hell now I should pray

For a long time of my apocalypse, I seek for mercy
Not much mind you, just a little uplifted foresee
But in return of all this, whatever I get
Was nothing much but total loss, frustration and regret.

Nothing is in you, as my father used to tell
Far from securing heaven, my life is converted into hell
Whatever I always expected, the opposite happened to me
The more I trusted you, the farther I fall into deep.

If you think me being blasphemous,
You are damn right
Because things around made me assured,
God is in mortal world of freight.

Friday, 11 June 2010


Since I started writing poems, I always wanted to write a Rap. Eventually, I got the very topic to write one.

Simplicity Redefined

Come on all you guys!
Get ready for the hype!
Set it in the move!!
Bring in all the groove!!

This is a story of all simple blokes,
No alcohol for them it's only Coke.
They're very very commoner in the town,
But oops ya, don't you dare think 'em of a pawn.

They're the one with some really good stuffs ya
They got the guts that would've rocked the town ya
But they chose for low,
As everything would be slow.

They're the kinda guys whom gals really hate.
Far from loving them they would die if its a mate.
But they cared a shit,
Let go it in a pit.

That's the guys like me......ya......ya
That's the guys like you.....ya.......ya

It teases them a little,
But nothing to get brittle,
'Cause the guys I am talking 'bout
 Is in everyone's mitten.

So give a clap up,
Give a clap down,
Show some respect you dumb.
Don't be such a clown.

It's the guys like me.......ya.......ya
It's the guys like you.......ya......ya

Whatever they say, tomorrow is ours,
We are the one who will have all the power.
Being a simple, was never a sin,
It's just like having another kin.

Those who say against, fuck 'em in the mouth!
What they really need is a blow job in the south!!
So get cherished, it's all accomplished,
We are the one who got a good finish.

What I said before, I am saying now,
Simplicity never makes you act like a cow.
It's the style which meagre can't get in,
It's the policy which is best in runnin'.

So laugh out loud,
Blow the saddening clouds.
It's what makes us best,
Nothing was ever waste.

Get a move on,
Get a hype on,
Shake it in your body,
Make it all groove on.

'Cause we are the simple ones.........ya......ya
We got the applauding tonnes...........ya........ya
So get it now my friend,
Nothing is to lend,
Now I finish my story trend.