Saturday, 30 August 2014

Saturday, 23 August 2014


There is this particular species of ants which grow wings when their life comes to an end. Ever thought what would you have done if such a phenomenon was with us human beings? What you will do? Where you will fly?

And The Wings Transpire

She tried hard to smile
I admit, it was convincing
Fidgeting with my fingers for a while
I knew what her mind was conceiving

He was strolling on the granite tiles
His eyes staring the pallid ceiling
The journey would take miles
His heart at its best was consoling

Mr. Blackwell put his coat
And slowly showed us the way
I never have thought
To pretend will paint my face
In such a gray

Then it began
I was waiting for it
But never expected
For it to happen
In such a brief span

My wings
Stone cold
But calm like sea
Their existence
Merged with mine
Defining my soul
With a vast spree

Happy I was
Though I could see
The dark tunnel was visible
In front of me
Whose other end
No one shall foresee

Such an irony
The moment
Terror reign my spirit
I was
At the verge of
Naming myself ‘Irit’

The vision hit the brain hard
Scurrying in a list
The game had already
Set the cards

I fly, yes
I flew to her
To say what was unspoken
What I never intended to let out
But this was
Demand of time
And her tears proved
As the oscillation chimed

Then again I rose
Up in the meek
There they were
Oh, the touch of their skin
On my cheek

I would have wait
Till eternity
But the voices
They were calling my name
Please, have a little more patience
O divine fraternity

I did this
I do that
I went there
And here too
Until the moment
They begin the shredding
More reasons to smile

Love and light
Filled my heart
All the possible ciphers of vile

Ah, so it’s time
The wings are gone
And so is the purpose
Gone? Wrong
Fulfilled; that’s now better

Yellow and orange waves
Accompanied by eternal red
Though still I venture here
The path to home is paved

I shall not stop them
It won’t be justice
But truly said
It was no gem

I know
They will understand
They will smile
That I know

And me? Well
My fingers still
Caress them
Where those unearthly wings
Once reside