Sunday, 29 July 2012


It has happened with many of us;

We were so sure that a particular profession was meant for us but due to extremely unfortunate events, we were forced to change the route.

We knew we were destined to be with that guy/girl but it never worked and now it seems there is no love left in the world.

We were so sure that what we believed was the only truth and everything else was meaningless until recently when we encountered a proof which forced us to think otherwise.

So what does it mean? Are we directionless, aimless and without any discipline? Is this world really meant to be cruel with us all the time? Are we to never achieve things we want right from our heart?

You may find the answers in the following poem, or you may not. It doesn’t matter what you choose or not, what really matters is where it leads you in the search of what you  deserve……………..

In search of “?” 

They are so convinced
They are so sure
I see them relax
As if they got the cure

But when I see around
It all seems so blur
Though everything is clear
Still it's so blur

I think of that goal
To which I am destined
Or of those believes
Peace in which I find

But then I am
In this strange place
Where the mind is
At a different pace
I hear it say,
“Does it really matter?
How can you be so sure?
It's not only the clatter?”

The clatter of self-deception
The clatter of a vice
The clatter which decides
The game with a dice

I know it's not confusion
I know it's not some lack
Can’t name this feeling
Is it guiding me off track?

I have seen people
Who were dead set
But did terrible things to themselves
When their aims were not met

Determination is one thing
Flexibility is other
But again this mind
Don’t reveal much further

This is my conclusion
This is what I think
We all are is search of
An answer to the link

That link which says -
Alright you don’t get it,
You can get ‘that’

That link which explains -
This you find better?
Feel free to follow ‘that’

This search of decades
This search of eternity
We all are on a journey
In search of
That unknown fraternity……………

*Technical text. No need to read 6M3NB8C9RKB2