Tuesday, 6 September 2011


We all have heard various Princess stories since our childhood where a Princess meets her Prince charming or a commoner who happens to be no more great than a Prince and they live happily ever after. But hold on folks!! The practicality defies all the pleasures and comforts of fantasizing and happy conclusions. If you don’t get the last line, read this poem. And don’t forget to leave your precious feedback....……………

Princess And The Commoner

 Once in a kingdom
 Far far away
In the month of Christmas
When the cold winds sway
A fire was lit
And few commoners around
The sky was full
Chilling the folks
And making them frown
These commoners
Were sharing the day
As was their custom
After they dine and pray

One of them whose name
Now I forget
Let's call him David
The fisherman with net
He asked other fellow
Whose name was Jack
Whose skin was fair
And hairs jet black
“So Jack the fair”, David asked
“What you have today,
To tell the mass?”
Jack looked at the fire
And gave it a smile.
The other folks knew
That commoner’s smile
Now they knew
It was something worth
But they had patience
To hear it first
Jack sighed a little
and started his tale
Now I’ll tell you
His adventurous hail

Once in the park
He was with his lark
Selling flowers
As was his embark
Then he saw her
The Princess
And the guards
Without saying much
He bowed to her
A wave of radiant white
Caused his eyes to blur
Then she asked him
“Why, O fair florist,
What you suffice?”
But all he heard
Was a sweet music
With an angel’s voice
After a moment of dream
He told her so
He has got
Red, pink and yellow
The Princess laughed
At his commoners voice
Which left him
Completely mesmerized
He felt enchanted and
Knew it was heaven
The princess took some flowers
And called him for more

So it started daily
As the commoner
Had heard in lore
Her grace and charm
Along with her beauty and warmth
He waited impatiently
Every day to look forth
His day long stress
Was no more a mess
When she smiled
And her pearly teeth
Spread like a queue of
White and mystique saints
Those deep black eyes
Like a well of innocence and grace
He feared of falling into it
And tried not
To let it show on his face

But then Jack smiled
That old commoner’s smile
But still everyone was patient
As they knew
They must rely
So one fine morning
When the birds chirped
And sun was bright
Jack went to castle
Only to be halted
By her majesty’s guards
They told him
He cannot advance
Being a commoner
He must down his glance
It seemed the Princess
Remembered what she forgot
He was just a commoner
Whom she must see not
So it was the end
Of those days in dreams
And Jack was back
With his errands in park
Selling flowers to the mass
Who looked at him with disgust
And with loathed remark

Once saying so
Jack looked at the fire
And smiled at the folks
Who were eying at him
With a strange admire
And then his face
Broke into a smile
That very commoner’s smile
To which
 Everyone there was familiar
And now they knew
It's not always a Prince charming
And the Princess
Or a Princess
Happily with a commoner.
This was new to them;
The story of
Princess and the Commoner.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Originally, I had written this poem to participate in a poem writing competition but eventually, I realised sooner or later, I had to write this one. Hope you people will like it too, and don’t forget to leave your feedback. They really help me.


The aura of divine eternity
Pinnacles to grace
And fraternity
When your voice falls
Breaking my numbness
Nothing then seems
Out of bounds
Nor difficult
When you say it
With such a kindness

All the entanglements
Which complexes my existence
Vanishes in a moment
When you sooth it
With so much persistence
What God can't
You always did
Yet I never wondered
It seemed so natural
And pure indeed

When it needed rough
You were there
To erase the scruff
When it needed soft
You somehow
Knew it all
What they say
Of that mystique light
I found all those
In your love and might

There were times
When I was aggravated
Finding it hard
To properly get adjusted
Then I remember the times
When I realized
With an utter shock
What life would had been
If you would not had been there
To protect me from
The world of thorns and mock

I don’t know much
As no one can even say
About God as such
But I longed to yearn
Which I got in plenty
Your love and concern
Besides your blessing and lessons

No doubt I rise
That whatever I am today
Only because you were
There above all the despise
This life is too short
To pay your debt
But I proud myself
With a treasure
Which I always kept
Never in discomfort or pressure

O Mother, I owe you
Not only my life
But also my existence
Not just this earthly body
But also my soul
O Mother, I owe you
And find peace in this very thought
That I owe you 
And am in debt of you……………

Friday, 17 June 2011


We always complain about this thing or that. It always seems to us that we don't get what we deserve or whenever something happens in our favour, it passes out very soon. Well, for a good and prosperous life, we must understand that it is a term known as circle of life, or in much better expression, carousel of life.

Carousel of Life

For once you have got
What you always yearn
Another time it is gone
Exactly like you fear
They come, they go
It may not sound so nice
But it’s a truth
Not a bitter one though
That is carousel of life

At those good times
We are in fear
They may not last for long
Comes the bad ones
We curse God
Why they didn't lasted for long
Don’t take it as preaching
But that’s all natural law
Your days may be screeching
But it was never a flaw
It’s not the saying
But a proved and trusted verity
No one is perfect
No one has everything of sanity
Better accept it
Before away it flies
As this is what we call
Carousel of life

Maybe it always feels like
Everything is over
Maybe your heart is sinking
No warmth to have it cover
But when the good comes
Shortly arrives the bad
And it will be like this forever
Then why grief is only which you must clad
Just remember this
It is all pros and no con
Because the carousel of life
Will always go on and on

Friday, 28 January 2011


Okay, first thing first; to all my admirers out there, I am very thankful to you for your intense and loving appreciation for my works till now. I hope that in future too, I will be making you happy with such stuffs. Secondly, this work here is according to me, the most mature one of mine till date and I seriously hope you people are going to love it. So like any other time, feel free to give your precious feedback which is crucial for  further perfection in my writings. Thank You :-)
P.S. : All the expressions and emotions in this poem are entirely the product of imagination from the poet's mind. With all due respect, please don't dare to relate them with his personal life!!

शायद हमें भी था

सुना था यारों की महफिलों में
दोस्तों की जमातों में
दीवानों के झुण्ड में
क्या होता है प्यार
लेकिन जिसने भी पुछा
गर्दन हिला कर साफ़ कहा
हम क्या जाने यार
शान से कहते थे उनसे
अपने को नहीं होने वाला
हम तो यूँ ही अच्छे हैं
खुद हैं इस दिल का रखवाला
लेकिन कुछ समय से शक है
की शायद हमें भी था

बात कुछ भी नहीं थी
बातचीत ही तो सिर्फ होती थी
कब दिल का रुख मुड़ गया
जिद्द्पन का पक्षी उड़ गया
हम नहीं जानते
जानते तो बस इतना
की धीरे धीरे
इंतज़ार होने लगा
मौका ढूँढा जाने लगा
और अपनी जिंदगी में
अजीब उलटफेर हो गया
तभी यह असंभव ख्याल आया
की शायद हमें भी था

हर वो गाना
हर वो तराना
जिसे सुनकर हँसते थे
दीवानों की मजबूरी पर
अब, जब खुद उन्ही मजबूरों में थे
तब पता चला
क्या हुआ करती है
उनकी मजबूरी
खुद पर हँसते
खुद से कहते
आखिर तू भी वहीँ गिरा
जहाँ न गिरना था
तू भी वहीँ फिसला
जहाँ खुद को संभालना था

अजीब सी बेहोशी छाई थी
दिलों दिमाग में
कितना भी खुद को रोकें
नहीं रह पा रहे थे
अपने काबू में
खुद पर झुंझलाते
खुद ही को दुत्कारते
लेकिन जहाँ उनके शब्द आते
हम जैसे की सबकुछ भुला देते
अभी भी रट थी
हमें नहीं है
लेकिन अब सोचते हैं
तो याद आता है
की शायद हमें भी था

उनकी एक तारीफ़ को
बरसों के प्यासे की तरह
हम तरसते थे
और वो जो दो शब्द
हमारी तारीफ़ में बोल देतीं
तो ऐसा लगता की जैसे
सालों बाद बारिश हुई हो
किसी बंजर जमीन पर
लेकिन खुदा जाने क्यूँ
उनकी तारीफ़ करते
हमारी रूह कांपती
हम सोचते
न जाने वो
अपने मन में क्या सोचें
अब लगता है
यहीं गलती हुई
जो हमने दिल की बात
दिल में ही रखी
खैर, जो होना था वो हुआ
अब तो
इसी ख्याल से तसल्ली है
की शायद हमें भी था

एक वो दिन था
एक यह आज का दिन है
भूले नहीं भूल पाते
कितना भी कोशिश करें
नहीं निकाल पाते
जब उन्होंने कहा था
वो किसी और की हैं
उनका दिल किसी और का है
जबरदस्त धक्का लगा हमे
सपने में भी
नहीं सोचा था ऐसा
जो अनहोनी थी
वो हो गयी
जो असंभव था
अब संभव है
वो तो कोई और ही था
हम कभी नहीं
जिसके लिए
दिल उनका धड़कता  था
जिसके साथ वो जिंदगी चाहती थीं
हम तो बस यूँ ही थे
एक अच्छा दोस्त
एक अच्छा सलाहकार
एक अच्छा इंसान
और न जाने क्या क्या
ऐसे मौके पर
झूठ नहीं बोलेंगे
रोये थे, हाँ रोये थे हम
फूट फूट के रोये थे
भ्रम में पड़े हुए थे
की शायद हमें भी था

अब फिर से
सब पटरी पर है
वही यारों की महफ़िलें
वही दोस्तों की जमातें
वही दीवानों के दुखड़े
बात उनसे आज भी होती है
मन ही मन में आज भी रोते हैं
लेकिन अब दिल शांत है
उपर से अब भी धड़कता  है
पर अन्दर बिलकुल शांत है
गर्व है अपने उपर
आज तक किसी को
भनक नहीं पड़ने दी
जो बीती थी हम पर
दोस्तों ने दो एक बार पूछ कर छोड़ दिया
हमने भी हंसी में
अपने दुःख को धूल की तरह उड़ा दिया
जैसे पहले थे
अब भी हैं
कुछ भी नहीं बदला
बदली तो सिर्फ
हमारी सोच
की अब फिर
इस जनम में तो नहीं हो पायेगा हमें
वही जो लगा था
की शायद हमें भी था.....