Friday, 17 June 2011


We always complain about this thing or that. It always seems to us that we don't get what we deserve or whenever something happens in our favour, it passes out very soon. Well, for a good and prosperous life, we must understand that it is a term known as circle of life, or in much better expression, carousel of life.

Carousel of Life

For once you have got
What you always yearn
Another time it is gone
Exactly like you fear
They come, they go
It may not sound so nice
But it’s a truth
Not a bitter one though
That is carousel of life

At those good times
We are in fear
They may not last for long
Comes the bad ones
We curse God
Why they didn't lasted for long
Don’t take it as preaching
But that’s all natural law
Your days may be screeching
But it was never a flaw
It’s not the saying
But a proved and trusted verity
No one is perfect
No one has everything of sanity
Better accept it
Before away it flies
As this is what we call
Carousel of life

Maybe it always feels like
Everything is over
Maybe your heart is sinking
No warmth to have it cover
But when the good comes
Shortly arrives the bad
And it will be like this forever
Then why grief is only which you must clad
Just remember this
It is all pros and no con
Because the carousel of life
Will always go on and on

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