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We all have heard various Princess stories since our childhood where a Princess meets her Prince charming or a commoner who happens to be no more great than a Prince and they live happily ever after. But hold on folks!! The practicality defies all the pleasures and comforts of fantasizing and happy conclusions. If you don’t get the last line, read this poem. And don’t forget to leave your precious feedback....……………

Princess And The Commoner

 Once in a kingdom
 Far far away
In the month of Christmas
When the cold winds sway
A fire was lit
And few commoners around
The sky was full
Chilling the folks
And making them frown
These commoners
Were sharing the day
As was their custom
After they dine and pray

One of them whose name
Now I forget
Let's call him David
The fisherman with net
He asked other fellow
Whose name was Jack
Whose skin was fair
And hairs jet black
“So Jack the fair”, David asked
“What you have today,
To tell the mass?”
Jack looked at the fire
And gave it a smile.
The other folks knew
That commoner’s smile
Now they knew
It was something worth
But they had patience
To hear it first
Jack sighed a little
and started his tale
Now I’ll tell you
His adventurous hail

Once in the park
He was with his lark
Selling flowers
As was his embark
Then he saw her
The Princess
And the guards
Without saying much
He bowed to her
A wave of radiant white
Caused his eyes to blur
Then she asked him
“Why, O fair florist,
What you suffice?”
But all he heard
Was a sweet music
With an angel’s voice
After a moment of dream
He told her so
He has got
Red, pink and yellow
The Princess laughed
At his commoners voice
Which left him
Completely mesmerized
He felt enchanted and
Knew it was heaven
The princess took some flowers
And called him for more

So it started daily
As the commoner
Had heard in lore
Her grace and charm
Along with her beauty and warmth
He waited impatiently
Every day to look forth
His day long stress
Was no more a mess
When she smiled
And her pearly teeth
Spread like a queue of
White and mystique saints
Those deep black eyes
Like a well of innocence and grace
He feared of falling into it
And tried not
To let it show on his face

But then Jack smiled
That old commoner’s smile
But still everyone was patient
As they knew
They must rely
So one fine morning
When the birds chirped
And sun was bright
Jack went to castle
Only to be halted
By her majesty’s guards
They told him
He cannot advance
Being a commoner
He must down his glance
It seemed the Princess
Remembered what she forgot
He was just a commoner
Whom she must see not
So it was the end
Of those days in dreams
And Jack was back
With his errands in park
Selling flowers to the mass
Who looked at him with disgust
And with loathed remark

Once saying so
Jack looked at the fire
And smiled at the folks
Who were eying at him
With a strange admire
And then his face
Broke into a smile
That very commoner’s smile
To which
 Everyone there was familiar
And now they knew
It's not always a Prince charming
And the Princess
Or a Princess
Happily with a commoner.
This was new to them;
The story of
Princess and the Commoner.

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  1. My story just a different version. The words, the expressions are just great. :)