Monday, 7 July 2014


I wrote this poem for someone who used to define my existence to a large extent once, but as fate had it, things turned unexpectedly as they have a knack to do often and that person is no more there. I don’t know the whereabouts but memories are memories. So, this creation is in tribute to the one who is gone forever. Sorry for the simplistic and plain writing but sometimes, things have to be crude in order to represent their true meaning or intention. Don’t you think so? Hope you can relate to it.

Tribute to one who is gone forever

Have a glance around
And tell me what you see
Isn’t the world full of
Things from which you want to flee?

This so-called society
Built on rational elements
May seem to mount over
The principles which
You comprehend

But as you know yourself
And as you know who are
These two paradigms
Will mark the destiny
With a longing scar

Rise, as you have always
Rise against your will
Rise till your body and soul
Cry for mercy
And beg to be still

For I know you can do it
I know you have done it
What it takes
For the bravest men
You have so easily
Adopted it in your will

When the situation
Will pinnacle menacingly
You will laugh at its face
And God knows the menace
Will bow before you
In a graceful pace

So fear not anything
As it is the mark-o-nature
Just advance like always
Breaking the barriers
And shifting aside all dangers

Just remember
When you will falter
I will be there to hold you
In one way or another

And when you will be
On that zenith’s height
When all the world
Will be at your might
You will always find me
Among the crowd
Raising my thumb
And with a smile really proud

Great things
Are meant for you
And great things
You will achieve in life
If nothing else
You will always
Find my best wishes
By your side.....

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