Sunday, 28 November 2010


I had a lot of things in my mind when I started my college. Some were as I had imagined, and some were not, but one thing is for sure; at any cost I AM doing what I always wanted to and it doesn't matter whatever obstacles come in my path.....

Alone In The Crowd

Far from my home
Estranged and alone
The feeling is not pleasant
Confronted and forlorn

It is not the same
As I had in my mind
Flamboyantly lame
I still have to find

Indeed I am here
Where I intended to
But still it's not fair
Unlike what I expected to

Whatever seems so bad
Ultimately makes me proud
Within it may be sad
Being so alone in the crowd

Alone in the crowd
World is noisy and loud
But don't they use to say
It's when success is allowed?

I am after the ray
Which I chased for so long
So why give up now
With such hurdles in the way

Heard it since my childhood
Success has its price
Will try as hard as I could
To get rid of all this vice

Doesn't matter to me
Whatever it will take
I shall surely be there
Where my true destiny prevails

Alone in the crowd
In the fire of loom
I will let myself shroud
To make a comeback very soon

Alone in the crowd
I am alone in the crowd

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  1. gud 1 shubhang.....i think god exists in never think that ur alone....believe in him and ur lonliness will b forever gone.......