Monday, 26 April 2010


I, like many people, have my own version of love. But this is certainly not that...

Love As I Know


A cute little girl waiting for her guy,
And the bloke is late, she expected it and sigh.
Comes her dear mister, dressed like dude.
But his sweet mistress, looked a bit like shrew.

I was just there,
Waiting for my friends.
Eying them with care,
Laying of such 'yuck' trends.

I mean, why the hell of devil, she noticed those stuffs,
And why in the name of evil, the boy had those cuffs.
They afterwards, must've had lot of fun,
But please my friends, don't mistake me for a bun.

The love they make,
The love they show.
Is really out of meaning,
From the love as I know.


A guy is riding with her girl on a bike.
There comes another, looking like a Tyke.
He got really excited, seeing pair of them.
Challenged them for a race,
They accepted it all the same.
The girl smiled a little
The Tyke became brittle
They zapped
They zoomed
But hey you watch!
Finally there was a loud boom.

I didn't stopped to see,
But my guess must be right.
They must've been to a hospital,
Their faces clenched tight.

I imagined it and laughed!
What a silly dare.
Was it really love,
With nothing to care?

The love they bet,
The love they show.
You see my friends,
Is all opposite as I know.


Then I heard this one from a mate.
A friend of him had a girlfriend like Kate.
Everything was well,
They really loved each other.
But one day that fool
Thought a little further.
He offered her something,
Which immediately she deny.
He became mad with rage,
And said her words which never shall I.

It is not to say,
The very day they broke up.
But as you see my chap,
How the love was in this cup.

The love they joked,
The feelings they throw.
What to tell you guys,
It's not the love as I know.

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