Tuesday, 20 April 2010


This was the first ever poem i tried to write in English. Hope you will like it.

This Phase

What to do and what to not
My mind keeps doing ping pong
This is right and this thing wrong
Why I always feel so short
So much confusion and such distress
O my Jesus give me a trace

Give me a trace
What to do
More or less
Drive me ado

Which happiness and what satisfaction
All is dark here and full of distraction
I can't bear more
I can't hold it more
Life for me was always soar

This phase.....this phase.......
Setting on me nowadays like a craze.

I feel so angry
I feel so bereft
It seems to me always
Something has crept

Something has crept
To tear off my insides
Something has crept
To blast my mind off

This phase......this phase......
Setting on me nowadays like a craze
This phase......

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